Rosé Mansion

Having spent over a decade in the wine industry we knew Rosé was more than just a trend. In fact, this magical pink wine is an incredible vehicle for storytelling; from history to science, politics to economics, to food and culture. Rosé also has a long and unique story to share. We have always believed that learning about wine could be and should be fun. We also believe you can do anything you set your mind to. So in 2018 we dreamed up Rosé Mansion! We’re not a big corporation or agency and we aren’t backed by big brands or sponsors. We did this the old fashioned way, by maxing out our credit cards, calling in favors, and bringing in all of our friends to help. Together, we built a space for you to come play and learn! At Rosé Mansion we are trying to create joy and happiness. We want you to play and have fun all while learning about this awesome pink drink!